I love And Miss You, Please Come Back Home – Emeka Ike Begs Wife


Emeka Ike the assumed wife beater, over the weekend, took to the social media to plead with estranged wife to come back home.

Recalling the ugly ordeal his wife, mother of his four kids, Suzanne, accused him of, about two weeks ago which initiated her filing for divorce in a Lagos court, the dark-skinned playboy actor revealed they were all erroneous.

In his words, Emeka said; “I learnt about my wife’s complaint on the media, when someone called my attention to it. About her filling for divorce, well, no letter has been tendered to me by any court whatsoever, so I assume it’s just a vague rumour. I’m happily married with four lovely children. I call my marriage my institution and I don’t joke with it. My children are my assets, I don’t mess with them or their mother for any reason because they have to be rightly protected.”

“I love and adore my wife so much and the last thing I would think of is raise my hands on her,” Ike continued. “It is normal for families to have one dispute or incongruity every now and then. If my wife wants to leave me, she should have just said it is on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and not that I am a wife beater. It would mean that she is trying to get unnecessary sympathy and I don’t think she would say such.”

“If she says I am a wife beater, the children would have at least for once, witnessed it. I have a 14-year-old boy who is grown physically and mentally, you can ask him if I have ever beaten his mother or rather, they should go to my former residence in Lagos to ask my neighbors if they ever heard that I beat my wife. Never in my life have I raised my hand to hit my wife,” he added.

The iconic actor went further to say that when his wife starts nagging like women normally do, he would either spend time with the kids more, or pick up his car keys and leave the house until the atmosphere is serene enough ”because women could nag so much that you will be left with no option but to hit them, but I swear on everything I’ve got, I have never and will never assault my wife in any manner,” he emphasized.

“When I showed my children what was on the internet, they were sad and said that it was a lie because I don’t beat their mother. I am a father of four children and I must protect them first before I even protect myself. That is why I would never say any bad thing about their mother. God would judge us all in life so I am very careful the things I do or say, especially with my family.”

Emeka, in a disturbed and fickle tone said, as though he would shed a tear, “Anyone who sees my wife should tell her to please come back to us. I miss her so much and the kids too.”

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