Chidinma Narrates What Her Pastor Told Her After She Kissed Flavour

For some months back, it has been in the news and rumoured that two talented singers, Flavour and Chidinma could be possibly having hot romance within considering the rate at which they continue to kiss when they work together.

Flavour and Chidinma kiss

In several interviews, both stars have continued to deny that there is nothing romantically brewing between them but some fans still find it hard to believe.

Chidinma was recently on TVC entertainment programme monitored by 234Forum and she emphatically stated that there is nothing between her and Flavour except a working relationship.

She further narrated that her Pastor did ask her to explain what she mearnt by the kiss was not real but she told him it was just acting and nothing real.

Speaking about her continuous kiss with Flavour, Chidinma said, “My pastor asked me to explain when I said the kiss between I and flavour is not real but we were just acting,” noting that “I and flavour are cool and after work, we move unto the next one.”