Improved Power Supply Will Not Last For Long, Says NUEE

The National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) has claimed that the improved power generation currently experienced by Nigerians is not likely to be sustainable.


Joe Ajaero, the union’s general secretary, explained the reasons for the improvement and why the supply would soon return to previous levels. He was quoted as saying by Vanguard:

“During this time of the year, there is always a slight improvement in power supply because of the rise in water level. That is, the lake goes up and hydro power stations generate more power. Second is the Buhari factor which has made operator to sit up and added to that, before now, the gas pipelines were usually vandalized.

“We suspect it may be in collaboration by some highly placed individuals who award contracts for the pipelines to be repaired which runs into billions of Naira. If the pipelines are vandalized and the contracts are awarded for repairs, almost every two months, it is big money for them. I think that because of the fear that those who engaged in the business may be caught, for now there is relative peace and the gas pipelines are delivering gas to the power plants.

“But we fear the current power situation may not be sustainable. Once the rainy season ends and the water level drops, there will be problem. Again, today all power being generated is being pumped into the system, there is no reserve in case of any break down, and there is no reserve in case of maintenance and so on. We ought to have reserve for emergencies. Sadly, we do not have that at the moment.”

Improvement in power generation has been attributed to the successful performance of President Muhammadu Buhari in his first 100 days in office. Several groups and some individuals have commended the presidency for having fulfilled one of its election campaign promises.