Incredible! READ How This Man Taught MFM Church ‘Hot Lesson” For Disturbing Him

I attended my sister’s church today in Arepo, Ogun-State. I attend the church whenever am around.

I noticed this morning that there was a very loud speaker playing different kind of Muslim songs so I asked my brother in law when the mosque started and he said theres no mosque. That the man that owns the house opposite the church (a strong muslim) complained severely that MFM church were disturbing him that they r not the only church around. So since they did not do anything about it he decided to teach them a lesson by putting a loud speaker directly in front of them.

The funny thing is the man sat inside his compound pressing phone.
My sister’s church is beside the MFM church, RCCG, Peace and Godwin Parish.
We got to church 7am so I saw everything and moreover I always stay in the children’s church upstairs

Kind of funny… It is well cos I Dnt know what to say…
Happy Sunday..

Source: Nairaland

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