Incredible! SEE How These Niger Residents Chased PHCN Officials Away With Juju

Nepa Juju 3

The issue of electric power in Nigeria is getting worse by the day, imagine a situation where poor masses will pay electricity bill, only to have 30 mins light a day if at all light came.

Early this morning in Guaraka, Tafa LGA Niger State ( About 7km from Zuba Abuja) was a scene of angry women protesting that electricity task force will not disconnect power….

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When situation got worsen the women have to apply some diabolic means as you can see in the picture below….

I use this medium to call on those in Authority to look into this ASAP B4 news will carry it that NEPA man climb electric pole and disappear grin


Nepa Juju 4 Nepa Juju 1 Nepa Juju 2

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