Industry reels in shock as Frank Edoho, Host of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ wife separate

When the news first filtered into our newsroom many never believed it but when it became the most celebrated item on most internet social network, it seemed like a dark cloud had been cast on the horizon. Celebrity Special Marshal Chris Nwandu who was evidently worried about the spate of divorces involving entertainment practitioners decried the new development and asked “What is happening to our industry? A shocked former PMAN President Admiral Dele Abiodun in telephone interview expressed his shock disbelieve and prayed that “may the story not come to pass”. As we speak, MTN Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire’s anchor, Frank Edoho, may have finally announced his separation from Camerounian wife, Kathrine if his recent tweets on social network Twitter is to be taken seriously.

According to Frank who said they’d been separated for more than a year now, he described his estwhile wife as a good woman and mother. He however described his marriage as “not working”, asking his fans to ignore past stories published by the press. “We’ve been separated for over a year now and I want to say Kathy is a great mum & a good person But it wasn’t working. Forget press stories,” he twitted. Speaking further, he expressed his undying love for his family, and that it wasn’t his intent to hurt his family.

He further twitted his regret to breakup from wife, citing irreconcilable differences. “Hey ppl! just want u to know that I wld never do anything to hurt my family. But sadly, I am separated from wife & it’s irreconcilable!” With fans wanting to make him cough out what went down between him and Kathrine, Frank simply ignored the call. He however described the problem between the two of them as a jaw-dropping one. The Who-Wants To-Be-A-Millionnaire anchor person went on to advise his fans who are planning on walking down the aisle soon about the importance of hooking up with their soulmates.

“When I talk about what really went down, jaws will drop and then u’ll learn that if u want to get hitched, make sure it’s your soul mate! pls!” Concluding his tweet on the subject, Frank thanked fans for standing by him while the struggle lasted. He stressed that reconciliation isn’t an option for him no matter what. “ Hi Tweeps! Thanks for all your support.There’s no reconciliation for me on this matter. No more ball-and chain 4 me. I’ve had it! I’m out!” In a bid to finally put an end to their union, the presenter has allegedly filed a divorce suit against his Camerounian wife.