Is This Popular Nollywood Actress Now A Sex Expert? SEE For Yourself

Subtle, attractive and loved Nollywood actress, Mosun Filani might have taken up the job of  a sex expert.

The beautiful actress has carved a niche for herself in the Yoruba movie industry by staying out of numerous controversies hovering around the industry. Since she had a little maternity break to wean her baby, not much has been heard from her. But this has not debarred the  beautiful actress from posting education updates on her Facebook account.

However, yesterday evening, the Yoruba actress turned into a sex expert when she took to her Facebook page, explaining what love making is and why it is different from sex. Read the update below:

Why do people often mistake “Sex” for “Love-making”?
Having sex is very different from love making. Now let me educate you on this.
* You can only have sex with someone you don’t have feelings for.
* You can only have sex with someone just to satisfy your sexual urge
* You can only have sex with someone you pay for it (prostitute, whore)
* Having a threesome is called sex
* Sleeping with another man’s wife or another woman’s husband is called sex
* In fact, there’s no feelings attached to sex, it’s just ordinary
But love making has to do with expressing what you feel for someone. There’s a little butterfly that dances in your tommy at the mention of that person’s name cos you love him/her.
Love making is not planned, it just occurs based on the feelings and emotions that runs at a particular time.
If you must learn how to satisfy your partner sexually then you must first approach your romantic encounter as love making, not sex.
This way, you’ll find yourselves flowing.
You’ll just click and it’s going to be memorable.
How can you say you had sex with your wife/husband? Don’t you love him/her?
Whenever you’re making love to your SPOUSE, let it flow. Be yourself and ENJOY IT. It is not a sin when you’re married.
Woman, don’t be scared of how big his ‘dickson’ is, hold it and play with it, it’s yours.
Man, don’t let her ‘honey pot’ scare you, its yours. It became yours the day you said “I DO”.
What kills most couples these days is that they’re not relaxed while making love. They just jiggy and……they’re done.
No, feel the contus and enjoy the sugar stick.
God bless you for loving your spouse the more.
NOTE: This article is for married people, if you’re single, just read and learn. Be patient, you’ll practice when you get married.
If you’re married,

Why do people often mistake “Sex” for “Love-making”?Having sex is very different from love making. Now let me educate…

Posted by Mosun Filani on Sunday, 21 June 2015

It would be recalled that just recently, Mosun Filani and her husband welcomed a baby boy as their second child. The couple was already blessed with a girl in November, 2012 in Lagos on May 23, 2014.

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