Jonathan ’s Home Town Heavily Affected By Water Scarcity For Years: Its Inhabitants Beg Buhari To Help

Otuoke in Ogbia local government area in Bayelsa state, which is where Goodluck Jonathan comes from, is heavily hit by the absence of potable water.


The community of the former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan experiences severe scarcity of potable water.

Elijah Ateki, the chairman of the community development committee, Otuoke, Ogbia local government area in Bayelsa state, told on Sunday that water pollution is the main problem in the community.

The water is constantly polluted with oil spills. In fact, water scarcity remained a huge problem for years in Otuoke, but during the era of Goodluck Jonathan’s and to this date this problem hasn’t been solved.

Ateki urged both the state authorities and the new federal government to intervene the drastic situation and provide people in the community with drinkable water.

Otuoke community depends on rivers and now that all the rivers are polluted by oil, it is difficult for us to get potable water here,” Ateki told the press.

You will not believe it that here in Otuoke, we use water from an unused suck-away pit dug near our lodge, for washing clothes and bathing,” told Emmanuel Agede, who is a member of the National Youth Service Corps serving in the area. He added that “for cooking and drinking, we buy sachet water; life is very difficult here; we spend the bulk of our monthly allowances on water for survival.” Agede joined Ateki’s plea for government’s intervention into this desperate situation.

The near future of Goodluck Jonathan could be behind bars if a court of law finds him guilty of the alleged  corruption and financial recklessness said to have characterised his administration as claimed by the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.