‘If You Lose The Election, Accept Defeat Like Me’ – Jonathan Tells Tanzanian Politicians

As the chairman of the Commonwealth election observer mission to Tanzania, the erstwhile president Goodluck Jonathan has used the March 28 presidential election which he lost and conceded as a point of admonition to the presidential aspirants in the forthcoming Sunday October 25 election.


Tanzanians are said to be excited over the calibre of profiled observers which includes Jonathan are they prepare for the election.

Many of the Tanzanian electorates had in various points described Jonathan as ‘a hero of free and fair election in Africa’ and that they were confident that he would be on ground to monitor for a free, transparent and peaceful election process.

Jonathan called for a free and fair election in the presidential poll urging for concession of defeat by anyone who eventually loses, Vanguard reports.

The ex-president stressed that any attempt to reject the will of the people will lead to chaos and loss of lives warning that the politicians should always put the citizens first their political endeavours.

He said: “If you lose, accept defeat.  I was concerned about allowing my personal ambition to scuttle a democratic system I had helped to nurture

“In any election, there are winners and losers. The presidential candidate who loses on Sunday should gracefully concede the election to avert a political crisis.

“If all parties, including the national electoral commission, political parties, and police force will play their role, nothing will stop Tanzania to record a free and fair election this year.

“Successful elections will depend on how each stakeholder plays his or her role to ensure a peaceful, inclusive and transparent electoral process…I’m confident Tanzanians will achieve this.”

Vanguard reports however that The Daily News of Tanzania in an editorial tribute to the former president ahead of the elections commended the former president for taking his defeat in the last presidential election “in all magnanimity”.

In the editorial entitled: ‘salutary lessons for Tanzania from Nigeria’s latest elections’, the media added: “Jonathan may very well have averted bloodshed that is characteristic of incumbent leaders who cling in power tooth and nail, fang and claw! What lesson is there in this for us in Tanzania, pray?

“It is generally admitted that the election in Nigeria was unprecedentedly free, fair and transparent, whereby the opposition candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, won the presidency. What is more remarkable is that the incumbent president who sought re-election, Goodluck Jonatha most graciously accepted the results promptly!

“Oh, I don’t know beyond the fact that Tanzania could tragically do worse if it fails to dedicatedly take a leaf out of Nigeria’s newest book on elections!”

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