Kachikwu Reveals President Buhari’s Strategy For NNPC ’s Restructuring

Emmanuel Kachikwu, group managing director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), reveals President Muhammadu Buhari’s plan for restructuring of corporation.

NNPC head was speaking after the meeting with the president.

He told state correspondents that “things have been done wrongly and things need to be done differently”.

Kachikwu added that the rearrangement would not be limited to the top management staff of the corporation, saying the newly-appointed directors will extend it to the lower layers.

He said: “The restructuring will be from A to Z. I have done the first three layers which is going to the GEDs to GGMs and general managers.

“You are going to have a lot more now. The GEDs and GGMs will take it to the next layer which is the lower layer.

“And the whole idea is to go back to being able to look at your appraisals; how well have you done in the job and if you’ve done very well, how do we elevate you to a position where you can offer more service.

“If you’ve not done well enough, we can retrain you and if you’ve not done well enough and there is no possibility of retraining you, we will let you go. “At the end of the day, NNPC isn’t public service. It’s a corporation and we run like a company generating money for the people of Nigeria. And so, that whole concept of anything goes should stop. And this is the first stage of that whole process.”

The head of oil corporation spoke on his plan for the NNPC, revealing that a forensic audit of the corporation since 2014 will be carried out under his watch.

“It’s a three-pronged process that I am pursuing. There’s a people aspect which we are dealing with now; there is a process aspect; after the people at the right places, you are going to get forensic audit done so that we know clearly, proper forensic audit that will cover us all the way to 2014, 2015, that will be able to say to you, this is the state of the company,” he said.

“We are going to put processes and control in place, we are going to do retraining and repositioning and then, we are going to re-engage our majors and minors, all those who are active in the sector, for us to work as a team to try to take Nigeria forward. It is going to be the process stage.

“The final stage will be the business stage, which is now looking at all the existing contracts; are they good, are they ok, do they need to be re-kitted and redone?”

The NNPC had the worst disclosure record of 44 international and national energy companies analyzed in a 2011 report by Transparency International and the Revenue Watch Institute.

Last year, ex-president Jonathan suspended then central bank Governor Lamido Sanusi after he alleged the NNPC hadn’t remitted $20 billion to the government.

The incumbent leader is firm in his bid to probe the activities of the oil corporation.

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