Kiss Daniel ’s Support for Same Sex Marriage lands Him in Trouble

Wave making singer, Kiss Daniel is in trouble with fans has they have attacked him on recent comments he made about the United States for legalizing same sex marriage.

The singer had recently stated that because of the same sex marriage being legalized in US, some people are mad with the development, some are glad while some are just there watching but noted that what matters most is love.

According to him, “Ok, so, g@y marriage is legalized in the U.S? Some are mad, some are indifferent, some are glad. Straight or G@y, what matter is we’ve got a heart that can love. Love is love and love always wins. Barrack Obama, peace.”

This comment has not gone down well with many of his fans who have called him to be careful of things he says as a celebrity so as not to get into trouble.

mizz_ronnie2.0: Nonsense? who are you to judge??mtcheew people though

i_am_freshapple: Stop making comments that can kill your career. Be careful, you are a celeb. Learn to understand your people first & their culture. Advice @iamkissdaniel

odniy: By the time married couples are divorcing to marry the same sex, then you will know that love isn’t love and it doesn’t always win because suicide rate will increase. Am I being too negative? @iamkissdaniel

teejay_salako: Am sure kissdaniel is a gay. just make it public I beg

mikibanks@i_am_freshapple, @odniy,: una too much. Una too know something. His thought is very wrong. You are a celeb doesn’t mean you should throw away your natural cultural sense of reasoning. Now all you think is showbiz huh! @iamkissdaniel, your opinion though, but very wrong. “Understand your people first and their culture”. You just made a dangerous step(comment) that could affect your career negatively. Remember who Nigerians are. We make and we Break. ADVISE

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