Lecturer Vs Pastor: Who Is More Prone To Female Seduction & Harassment?


We all know how Naija higher institutions are, especially when it comes to female students seducing male lecturers. Well not in all cases because the lecturers themselves are guilty of threatening a female student unless she sleeps with him. And i ends in fornication.

On the other hand we have pastors. Well i will call most fake. These are people who meet female members of the church whether it is for special anointing or breakthrough, and most times it ends up with either the pastor getting seduced or him initiating it. Whichever the case, it ends up with the same result. fornication.

These two professions are somewhat similar because these daughters of eve comes to them with their problems, hoping to get answers, but my question is: of the two professions which is the lesser evil?

And to their wives, i always wonder how they deal with these issues knowing fully well the dangers their husbands are facing at their work places. Either they accept it or find ways to curb it by monitoring or close-marking them or being with them ( this is easy for the pastor’s wives ). But personally i think lecturers are more at risk especially those in the social sciences.

What’s your take?

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