List Of Private Universities In Nigeria And Their School Fees

Thankfully Jamb has decided to drop it’s new controversial method of posting students to schools. It’s good that the saga has been resolved because it would have been difficult for some Nigerian parents and guardians if their kids were posted to private schools. Some private schools are very good and to be desired if not for their astronomical fees.

American University Of Nigeria, Yola
Tuition – N1,590,000

The tuition is N1,590,000 for the full session (Fall and
Spring) at AUN. For housing, if you choose Triple
Room without facilities, the fees is N360,000 while the
most expensive accommodation (Double Room W/
Facilities) costs N650,000.
Some other fees are still included. These are all the
fees you will add up and this will take you to around
N3 million Naira for a session.

You can get the details of the school fees on the
official website of American University Of Nigeria, Yola

Achievers University, Owo
₦420, 000

We will break down the school fees of achievers
University into tuition, accommodation and other fees.
These are the fees to be paid by students from 100
level to 500 level of every course of study. When fees
are specific to freshers or returning students, they are
stated exclusively. The following is breakdown of
school fees payable by students of Achievers
University from 2014 to 2016.

100 Level 500,000
200 Level 500,000
300 Level 550,000
400 Level 550,000
500 Level 600,000

100 Level 450,000
200 Level 450,000
300 Level 500,000
400 Level 500,000

100 Level 400,000
200 Level 400,000
300 Level 500,000
400 Level 500,000

1. Registration Fee per Session – N10,000
2. Development Levy per session – N20,000
3. Acceptance Fees for Fresh Students – N20,000
4. Vocational Training Fee per Session (100L & 200L only) – N20,000
5. Field Trip/Practical Word for Geology, Medical Laboratory Science and Nursing Students Per Session
6. Accommodation per Bed Space at Permanent Site at:
4 Man Room – N80,000
8 Man Room – N45,000
Accommodation per Bed space at Mini Campus:
2 Man Room – N70,000
3 Man Room – N60,000
4 Man Room – N50,000

7. Late Registration Fee per Semester – N25,000


Adeleke University, Ede

Current Adeleke University School Fees Schedule – 2014/2015 Session

Fees for All Degree Courses (100 level)
Tuition 273,100
Feeding 113,400
Accommodation 40,000
When you add other fees, you get a total of 569,500 as school fees for newly admitted students in the school.

Fees for Returning Students (200 level – 400 level) Tuition 273,100
Accommodation 40,000
Feeding 113,400
Add other fees to these three and returning students of
Adeleke University will have to pay a total of


Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State

ABUAD School Fees for freshers
For LAW students, the tuition is N1,000,000, other fees to be paid will add to it to make a total of N1,492,750. For MBBS, freshers are to pay a sum of N1,752,750, with N1,250,000 out of that amount going as tuition fee.

Engineering students will pay a total of N1,252,750, while students in SCIENCES, HEALTH SCIENCES AND AGRICULTURE will pay a total school fee of N902,750.

These figures could increase depending on your choice of hostel accommodation (with 2 or 4 bed spaces). Rooms with 2 bed spaces cost more.


Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria

Now let us talk about Ajayi Crowther University’s school fees for freshers and returning students. Be informed firstly, that the ACCEPTANCE FEE for 2014/2015 admission is N50,000.
Fresh students are then to pay school fees, the total amount of which depends on your faculty.

HUMANITIES – 445,000

NOTE: PARENT FORUM LEVY of (ten thousand naira only) N10,000 is COMPULSORY for all students and must be paid too.
One good thing about Ajayi Crowther University school fees is that it can be paid in instalments. Fees for returning students vary from level to level and department to department.

Babcock University, Ilishan Remo

This is a private Christian co-educational university owned
and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in
Nigeria. The university was established as the Adventist
College of West Africa (ACWA) in 1957. Their school fee
ranges from N620,000 to N3 million. In Babcock
University, your meal and hostel defines your fee. It offers
two and three daily meal services. And for
accommodation, there are three to seven students in a
room. When it comes to accommodation, it depends on
your choice. Either it is regular (7 in a room), premium ( ‘4
in a room) or classic (3 or 2 in a room). Here is a
breakdown of Babcock school fees: Medicine: N3 million,
Law: N2 million, Accounting: N1.5 million, Nursing: N1
million, other faculties: N860,000 – N620,000.

Bowen University, Iwo

It is owned and operated by the
Nigerian Baptist Convention, at Iwo in Osun State and
opened November 4, 2002. The tuition fee ranges from
N500,000 to N750,000 per annum. The university is only
responsible for accommodation and tuition. Students are
made to buy their food from the cafeteria.

Igbinedion University, Okada

The university came into existence following the
presentation of certificate of approval on May 16, 1999.
Thus, it became the first licensed private university in
Nigeria. The tuition ranges from N540,000 to N820,000
without feeding. For Medicine, Pharmacy, Law and
Engineering, they pay a tuition of N610,000,
accommodation: N100,000 and other facilities: N110,000.

Madonna University, Okija

Medicine 500,000,
Law 350,000
Accountancy 300,000Crawford University, Igbesa

Crawford University is a private Christian institution in
Igbesa, Nigeria. It was established in 2005. The school
provides accommodation for students but does not
provide feeding. Parents only pay for tuition,
accommodation and some additional charges. The school
fee ranges from N400,000 to N600,000.

Redeemer’s University

Redeemer’s University is a Christian school located in
Redemption City, Ogun State, Nigeria. It was opened in
2005. At Redeemers, Natural Science pays N605,000,
Management Sciences; N575,000 and Humanities pays
N545,000. All this fees are paid without feeding but tuition
and accommodation. We can see that the fees range from
N500,000 to N650,000 per annum.
Social sciences 280,000
Psychology, Philosophy and theology 200,000.

Caritas University, Amorji-Nike, Enugu State

Caritas University Enugu School Fees for Management and Social Sciences.
1st Year – N248,000(Full Year-2 semester)
2nd Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semester)
3rd Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semesters)
4th Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semesters)

Faculty of Engineering
All Engineering courses are covered
1 Year – NGN298,000 (annually)
2 Year – NGN450,000
3 Year – NGN450,000
4 Year – NGN450,000
5 Year – NGN450,000

Caritas University Enugu School Fees for Natural Sciences.
1st Year – N248,000(Full Year-2 semester)
2nd Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semester)
3rd Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semesters)
4th Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semesters)

Caritas University Enugu School Fees for Environmental Studies
1st Year – N248,000(Full Year-2 semester)
2nd Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semester)
3rd Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semesters)
4th Year – N398,000 or its equivalent(2 semesters)


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