List Of Some Powerful Politicians Who “Defied” APC And Went Into Oblivion


A lot have been said, written and speculated about Saraki and Dogara defying and going against the decision of their Party in tomorrow’s election into offices of the National Assembly. Why no one can readily and accurately predict what would happen in the Chambers tomorrow, it will not be out place to reexamine the chances and results of those who had taken similar route before and the consequences!

1. Ibrahim Shekaru: He was the governor of Kano State for 8 years spanning 2003-2011, a former strong member of APC, a Stalwart of ANPP who contributed in no small measure in the merging of the legacy parties that formed APC.

However, during the integration of then newly formed party, Shekaru felt, he would be sidelined in the scheme of things in Kano State with entrant of The then governor of Kano State, Alhaji Kwankwaso, defied all the entreaties of the party for reconciliation and defected to the then Ruling party PDP.
Result: Aside the 6months, jonathan invited him to “come and chop” he has been politically rendered useless in the National and Local Politics:

2: Buba Marwa: Just like Shekaru felt, he would be sidelined in the party, given the presence of then Governor Of Adamawa State , Murtala Nyako, decided to shift base to PDP while lampooning APC.
Result: His 2 years sojourn in the PDP brought misery and tears to him. There is speculation is about declaring for APC. Talk about going back to your Vomit.

3. Nuhu Ribadu:
A former Presidential Candidate of The defunct ACN, was a major force in the then New party. In fact he practically went to everywhere selling APC manifesto to the people. However when Nyako of Adamawa State was impeached, he saw a quicker route to the governorship seat and against all odds decided to dump APC for the then Ruling Party. And like the proverbial mad dog, he refused to listen to the wise counsel from his Friends in APC.
Result: He was roundly and disgracefully defeated in the just concluded guber election thereby rendering him a political nonentity both locally and nationally.

Tom Ikimi: According to him, he was the “sole” brain behind the formation APC. In fact he claimed that APC was formed in his parlour! But like orders who had defied the party, Ikimi felt the Chairman Seat should be reserved for him, without going through the elections, of which the party objected. He felt ‘betrayed’ and wrote a lengthy letter abusing Tinubu-the undisputed party leader and consequently defected to PDP.

Result: I have not heard from him for so long.

5. Ali Modu Sherrif: Another astute politician who defied the orders and instruction of APC and got himself burnt politically. No need to write more on him.

Others are Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto, Belgore of Kwara States etc all tried to defy and challenge APC but learned the lesson the bitter way!

Now, is history going to repeat itself in the cases of Saraki and Dogara?? Time which is actually Tomorrow will tell!

Article Written By Miss Ngene

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