LMAO! Meet Buhari’s Minister Who is Afraid of Boko Haram

A ministerial nominee, Adebayo Shittu, who was screened by the Senate on Tuesday declined to make any public comment on the dreaded Boko Haram sect, saying he feared for the safety of his life.

Mr. Shittu, while responding to a question pertaining the activities of Boko Haram, said he could not publicly comment on the sect, expressing fear. His words:

“I cannot publicly comment on Boko Haram; I still have family to care of.”

He noted that many northern leaders were “unfairly” criticised for not speaking out against the sect but the few who summoned the courage to speak up against Boko Haram were killed by the sect.

Stressing that Boko Haram had killed anybody who spoke out against them, Mr Shittu said, “So anybody that still wants to live will not condemn that faceless group publicly.”

He however insisted that the activities the sect negated the principles of Islam. “They can claim to be anything,” the ministerial nominee. “They even claim to be a Christian; but if you are Christian and still goes to babalawo (herbalist), you are not really a Christian.

“So also if you say you are a Muslim but kills innocent people, you are not really a Muslim,” he added.

He had earlier said he was never indicted for religious intolerance in Oyo State.