Loving The Lord In The World [A Poem] – By Opeyemi Alatola

There aint anything  like loving the Lord & Loving the world

Its like 1-1.0 = zero

No  need to form righteous , sanctified o

r call urself an hero because its all zero

Yea, I know you may say the world is sweet

So sweet is it that its filled with cow faeces

That feeling of just a little bit

Rather to qualify it just a little sin

Is like  gaining and loosing

You are still on the same spot

The devil really doesn’t really care about ur prayers

He is simply similing and saying what a liar

So just before you sin

Consider all u av heard, googled from the word and all u av seen

Really is it worth casting ur pearls t

o the swine

Just for a bottle of wine

Is it worth banging that babe that makes sense

And coming to hell with no sense

U can’t love the Lord through the world

Its like the love of fire and water, it wouldn’t work.

Love the lord.


Written By Opeyemi Alatola (@Opeze). A Christian, Poet and mouthpiece of the gods