Lucky! Military rescues 43 herdsmen from Boko Haram, recover 500 cows

The Nigerian military has rescued 43 herdsmen from suspected Boko Haram terrorists who reportedly abducted them at gunpoint in Borno state. Premium Times reports that the herdsmen and their livestock were taken hostage at gunpoint at Dalakalari general area in Mafa local government area on Sunday, September 18 morning.

The military has rescuded 43 herdsmen from Boko Haram. But the lucky cattle rearers were saved by the military which swung swiftly into action after being informed by some well-meaning Nigerians.

The military pursued and caught up to the terrorists who, sensing danger, abandoned the livestock just before Panamri village and ran away. The military has since handed over the victims and the recovered cows to the local authorities. For more updates on military actions against Boko Haram, you can See how air force bombarded high level Boko Haram meeting with fighter jets (video)