Man Beheaded In Nanka, Anambra State (Very Gaphic Photo)


According to the person who posted the picture, the beheaded man is Marcel from Umuduno Agbiligba Nanka in Orumba North Local government area of Anambra State He was beheaded Midnight on June 13th.

According to the source, the killers stormed the man’s house at 1am and cut off his head. They were about to run away with the head when the man’s son suddenly came out and attacked them.

They ran away and abandoned their motorcycle, the man’s head and some documents.

The said documents are currently with the police and they have refused to disclose who’s name is on them. To see the VERY GRAPHIC PHOTO, CLICK

Wow this is scary, I guess you don’t even want to imagine coming outside and seeing your dad’s head like that.

Could this be the work of ritualists, enemies or what? If ritualist now go directly to people’s houses we are in trouble oh!

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