Man Ejaculates On Woman’s Leg While Standing Behind Her On Queue In Bank


A man in Zimbabwe who couldn’t keep his sexual perversion in check is on his way to prison for spraying a woman’s leg with Fluid while standing behind her on a queue in the bank.

The 33-year-old man identified as Melusi Nyathi from Makokoba was arrested and charged with sexual assault after his victim felt his body fluid all over her legs.

Investigations revealed the man was attracted to the woman’s buttocks while standing behind her on a queue and then he brought out his joystick and masturbated by rubbing it on her buttocks till he released all over her legs.

The woman who felt the sticky fluid on her legs turned around and caught the man holding his joystick in his hand and then raised an alarm.

Nyathi apologized to the woman and fled the bank. He was caught, arrested and charged with sexual assault.

He was taken to court where he pleaded guilty to the crime and has been held without bail pending his sentence hearing.