Man Hangs Himself After Stabbing Wife To Death

Joseph Ajasa, a 41-year-old man in Owode in Yewa south local government area of Ogun State, caused a stir in the sleepy community when his body was found dangling from a tree in his farm few days after he allegedly stabbed his wife, Toyin, to death during a domestic fight, reports Sun Newspaper.

According to the report, after killing his wife, Ajasa fled his home only for his body to be discovered in his farm.

A neighbor of the Ajasas told reporters that the cause of the fight stemmed from money after the husband had received over a N100, 000 from a thrift cooperative and kept it in his wife’s possession but when he asked her for the money, she could not produce it, instead telling the husband she had used it.

This led to an argument which resulted in fight and it the heat of it, Ajasa allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab his wife to death before he fled the home.

Another neighbour also corroborated the event that led to the double tragedy, saying that neighbours’ attention was drawn when the fight started taking a turn for the worse but before they could go in and mediate, they found that the man had already stabbed his wife in several parts of her body.

Another source said that it was the woman that actually brought the knife to attack her husband when she could no longer endure the beating he was giving her but that he overpowered her, collected the knife and used it on her instead.

“We heard the man shouting at the woman, that she had been cheating on him. Everybody in the neighbourhood knew that they always quarrelled, but we never expected that this very one would lead to deaths.

Whenever they fought, they would settle the matter even if nobody intervened. May be it was Satan that used the man, or the woman really offended him.”

After the matter was reported to the police at Owode police station, they rushed to the scene, where they met the woman’s corpse, with the knife stuck in her thigh.

Ajasa’s elder brother, Olaoluwa Ajasa, told the newspaper that he was still in shock from the incident, stating that he was yet to come to terms with the reason his brother could resort to such devilish act and that the double tragedy was a mystery too difficult for him to unravel.

“It is something I cannot explain till date. It shook our family and we are still asking what could have led Joseph to kill his wife and also take his own life. I knew him well because we grew up together.

He was not somebody that could kill a fellow human being for whatever offence committed against him. He was a gentleman that always minded his business. That is the reason I am shocked and confused about how everything played out. The two incidents were more of mysteries.”

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