Man Snatches Best Friend’s Wife, Claims His 5 Children

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Gilbert Maduako, a 52 year-old resident of Ugwuakwu Village in Umuchu in Aguate Local Government in Anambra State, is not a happy man at the moment as he has lost not just his wife, but his five children to his best friend, Akwusi Aluwaogu, who allegedly snatched her and took away the children, claiming that he was their father.

According to information, the marriage which produced the five kids, collapsed after Oluchi and her children moved to Aluwaogu’s village of Akokwa town in Imo State, where she introduced the children to his family as his kids.

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It was learnt that both Maduako and Aluwaogu were good friends for years before he married Oluchi but unknown to Maduako, his friend was secretly dating his wife even when he passed himself as a family friend and in the process, fathered the children he had all along thought to be his.

But the truth dawned on him one day when he returned from work to meet an empty house, devoid of his wife and children.

After a long search, he discovered that they had moved to his best friend’s hometown.

He was further shocked when his wife told him point blank that the children were not his, but for Aluwaogu.

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But according to relatives of the hurt man, even if Aluwaogu had sired all five children, they belonged to Maduako because going by the tradition, he was properly married to her by paying her bride price and performing the traditional marriage rites.

Aluwaogu who stood his ground, went ahead and planned to give out the eldest daughter’s hand in marriage, an act that infuriated Maduako, who promptly reported the incident to police at Umuchu Division.

The police arrested Aluwaogu and took him to the station where he was interrogated and he confessed that he actually wanted to marry off the teenager. He said since they are living with him and their mother, who actually knew their real father of those children, he had since adopted them as his own children.

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On the fate of his friend, Maduako, he said he cannot force Oluchi to marry him and suggested that he should go and get himself another wife and accept his fate.

It was also learnt that the police intend to conduct an investigation and if need be, conduct a DNA to determine the real father of the children.

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