Man Takes Ex-Wife To Okija Shrine Over Property Dispute

A marriage gone sour has resulted in a man, Ifeanyi Okpoko, dragging his wife, Blessing Okpoko, to the infamous Okija shrine over a property dispute.


Vanguard reports that the former husband had previously taken his wife to seven other shrines because she claimed ownership of their property. He claimed that during the 13 years of their marriage, he contributed his part to their joint property but after the marriage, Blessing laid sole claim to the property.

He said he had taken her to the shrines so the oracle could identify and punish whoever was making a wrong claim.

Ifeanyi alleged that Blessing was taking advantage of her superior position as a senior staff of a bank to make people believe she was the sole owner of their joint property.

Blessing informed Mr Fatai Owoseni, the Lagos state commissioner of police who summoned the duo to a meeting. It was reported that he had criticised them severely for their conduct and questioned if they had relatives who could settle the matter amicably instead of going to a shrine.

In a related incidence, the rector of Imo state polytechnic, Rev. Fr. Wence Madu was summoned to appear at Okija shrine by the priest for undisclosed reasons.