Ministerial List: Godfathers Panic As Buhari Set To Select Ministers Without Governors, Senators Input

A report by The Nation indicates that the era of nominations for ministerial positions by state governors or influential senators is over.


This is because President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly insisted on merit in choosing those who will be in his cabinet in deference to what some political analysts describe as party supremacy.

The report revealed that governors on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have found it difficult to penetrate Buhari to pick their nominees as ministers. Same goes for some influential senators, who are godfathers in their states.

Meanwhile, as Nigerians await the cabinet list this month as promised by the president, the jostle for ministerial ticket is assuming a hot race in states like Kaduna, Kwara, Sokoto, Bauchi, Ondo, Gombe, Lagos, Enugu, Ekiti, Katsina, Akwa Ibom and Anambra.

Some godfathers in the affected states are reportedly panicking because of the president’s stance and recent political developments in the country, especially in the National Assembly.

A source said: “Unlike in the past, most governors are stranded this because the president will not ask them to nominate ministers. Some of them attempted to make recommendations but did not succeed.

“In fact, the same game is playing out with influential Senators who have found it difficult to lobby for their candidates as ministerial nominees.

“Buhari is trying to be his own man as far as the choice of ministers is concerned. The only thing he reckons with is party supremacy. He also wants to adhere to constitutional provision on the appointment of ministers.

“The governors could not have their way because Buhari has refused to ask for any office slot or favour from any governor, including his own governor, Aminu Masari of Katsina State.”

Another source said: “Those who have no respect for party supremacy cannot recommend or nominate ministers. Respect begets respect.

“This is why the president is looking for credible hands whom they cannot disqualify under a flimsy excuse or the other.”

Two days ago, some leaders of the APC raised an alarm that the party leaders are in the dark over the president’s current ministerial appointment process.

Even as the Imo state chairman of the APC, Chief Hilary Ekeh, has said the president would be fair in his willpower to run an all-inclusive government at the federal level.

In a related development, a non-governmental organisation called Public Youth Dialogue Forum, recently advised  Buhari to ensure the inclusion of youths in public leadership.