Mission To Rescue [A Story] – Part 13

In fact, when she observed that I wasn’t pounding her anymore, she probably interpreted it to mean that I had gone tired and began bouncing on my Joystick again!

It was surely more of real-time pornography for my aunt who was yet to even move since I found her at the door! She was instead mostly gazing at my loin as my big Joystick went in and out of Jumoke’s dripping Kittycat! Her face was basically expressionless, and only contoured into a shock-induced frown when Jumoke began grinding her big Buttocks into my balls again as she poured more of her juices in a second climax! What I couldn’t tell was the actual reason behind the frown.

I wasn’t sure if it was because of the way Jumoke bathed my entire crotch with her love juices or because of the towel directly under my buttocks which was indeed hers! In preparation for the worst, I helplessly shut my eyes, defying the presence of my dad’s eldest sister and began pounding Jumoke from underneath! She broke out into another long wail and her body gyrated as my crotch slammed into hers recklessly! Unbelievably, my mind chose to constantly put my aunt in my imaginations as my Joystick went in and out of Jumoke!

I went on to imagine that it was Aunty Edna I was fucking while her big fleshy Buttocks jiggled at my every thrust! I imagined she was the one wailing and asking me to F**K her harder! The additional thought of how much cream her Kittycat would pour on my stiffened Joystick was what instantly brought me to the edge and that instant I began shooting my load into the condom I had over my Joystick! Jumoke may have noticed my thundering orgasm because she similarly joined in what was her third and last as she finally came in quite a subtle way! When I finally pulled out my Joystick with the collected spunk forming a large volume of thick white fluid at the tip of the condom, I went on to open my eyes again, but surprisingly, my aunt was gone. She had left the doorway, with little or no sign of where she had headed!

When I finally pulled out my Joystick with the collected spunk forming a large volume of thick white fluid at the tip of the condom, I went on to open my eyes again.

Jumoke kept laughing uncontrollably as she dressed up to leave my house after our F**K session! It was already past 6pm and she admitted her husband would already be worried about her. We both had caught a lot of fun and even at that moment, she was yet to know someone had watched us while we F***ed.

I was even very sure aunty Edna was hearing her laugh so very loudly if she was still within the house at all. She had walked away and never appeared again. I still hadn’t got a clue of what she had done after she walked away from my doorway.

Jumoke kept laughing uncontrollably as she dressed up to leave my house after our F**K session!

I also hadn’t a clue of what was likely going to happen after that moment. I was only trying to feign all was well while seeing Mrs. Jumoke off, just to make sure my future with the beautiful mature woman was protected. If she ever found out that we had been caught, she was likely going to refuse to continue with me. She smiled broadly as she gave me one final deep kiss at the front door, promising to call me as soon as she could. Even though I wasn’t sure if there would ever be another time as aunty Edna’s disposition was still very uncertain, I still looked forward to the call, putting confidence in the slim fact that my aunt had basically done her worst already over her stay so far. As

Mrs. Jumoke walked through the gate, it was my turn to watch her leave, even though I wasn’t doing so Unclad.
It suddenly became imperative to look for aunty Edna. As soon as I returned into the house, I began looking for her. I first checked for her at the kitchen where I thought she would likely be but didn’t find her there, so I began heading to my parents’ bedroom. Fortunately, I met the bedroom door locked. A simple explanation that she was in there.

While a side of me felt joy that she hadn’t really left the house because of what she had seen, the other side was very worried about what she was likely up to. I instantly had the urge to knock but quickly changed my mind. I also felt I should call out for her, but then decided against it. I was going to remain in my room until she was back out. I concluded she was probably asleep and had to be allowed to rest, so I began heading for the kitchen to make myself a quick meal.

I was terribly hungry as I had been fucking about with an empty stomach! I found a couple pack of noodles and I was soon getting it set for what had become lunch-supper for me. However, right from the start of the cooking of the meal, until I was done eating, my aunt still didn’t come out of the bedroom. The door remained shut and if not for the few times I heard her sneeze, I was already imagining the worst! After waiting patiently for her to come out, even though I wasn’t sure about what that would mean for me, I decided to go to bed. I locked myself within my own bedroom and began getting my bed ready for sleep.

The towels we had used earlier in the day were still on the mattress so I simply carried all of them and dumped them at the corner of the bed. I felt I could return them to the bathroom the next morning even if I never got the chance to wash them. I was barely in bed when I got a new text from Mrs. Jumoke.

She wanted to wish me sweet dreams. I replied her just about then, reminding her how much my Joystick still missed her Kittycat. Her next message was an appreciation and a final goodbye. While my endless romp with her fascinated me a lot, it didn’t actually do so as much as the fantasy-thoughts of what naughty things aunty Edna could have possibly done after she caught us fucking!

When I imagined how everything would have beautifully appeared if she had joined us in an unlikely threesome, my Joystick found its way out of the underside of my shorts. I was very much asleep before I could actually do anything about the erection though, as I was really very worn out!