Mission To Rescue [A Story] – Part 15

I took a quick peep towards the bathroom to confirm she was indeed bathing and as soon as I noticed her on the mirror across the bath tub, I was headed for her bedroom!

Now faced with little or no haste, I began to patiently scan through that same adult magazine – which was actually a collection of s*x and romantic cougar-with-young-boy stories. I rechecked that portion of the magazine which she had marked as ‘my favourite’ and was indeed surprised at the texts I found there. It read:

“…and she looked at the little boy’s Joystick the second time, appreciating the enormous size while imagining how it would feel in her matured yet tight cunt…”

“Aunty Edna loves big dicks!” was the first message that got into my mind after reading that! “…and she likely loves younger boys too”

I was subsequently flipping the magazine to the next page with hungry eyes, to see even more. It wasn’t long before I found another circled text. It was quite a length this time. It read:

“…so Jean pulled his big dripping Joystick out of his class teacher’s mouth, splashing her eyeglasses with her saliva, then after rubbing her enormous tool all over her face and chin, asked her to get onto one of the class desks. As soon as she did, he yanked away her skirt aside and with little warning plunged his Joystick into her soaking Kittycat, filling her walls in the course!…”

Aunty Edna described this portion as “beautiful” and even went ahead to circle the picture of the supposed big Joystick that belonged to Jean. The thought of what she was likely doing while reading and circling all these kept my Joystick as stiff as anything!

Aunty Edna described this portion as “beautiful” and even went ahead to circle the picture of the supposed big Joystick that belonged to Jean.

I was again heading to the next page in search for more. It took me quite a while to find another story as I kept seeing more and more pictures of Unclad mature women in various positions of s*x with younger males. She did have a considerable number of those pics circled – emphasizing the area of interest by either circling the usually enormous dicks or the points of penetration! It was just too erotic to bear. Before I could find the next story, I had unknowingly disengaged my Joystick, bringing it out to the open!

Before I could find the next story, I had unknowingly disengaged my Joystick, bringing it out to the open!
The next actual lines of text was an instant stunner! And I had least expected to find any such similarities within that magazine, let alone imagine aunty Edna would have any such interest in a thing like it. She captioned it: “My biggest wish and fantasy” and it read:

“…as Suzy moved Johnny’s dirty clothes from one corner of the laundry to another, little Johnny watched her from the laundry door! Suzy was aware he was watching her and quite made a show of it! She was already prepared for the moment, deciding to wear just a bikini panty and a tiny bra which both barely struggled to cover her Buttocks, Kittycat and spilling Bosom! She chose to endlessly have a reason to bend over, either to drop the cloths in her hands or pick up the ones in the machine, thereby displaying her near-Unclad Kittycat for young Johnny to see! When Johnny couldn’t take it anymore, he walked straight in, grabbed her step-mom by her Buttocks and buried his face into her muff – dipping her tongue as far as it could go into her already soaked underside…”

I read it over and over again, endlessly stroking my Joystick in fierce furry as my imaginations went wild! I felt like blowing apart! The striking resemblance it had with the kitchen experience that morning was just too much to bear! It was all now very clear! Aunty Edna wanted me to F**K her!

Whether it had been her wish all along or just for a few hours then, didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that she wanted my Joystick inside her and had to go to the length of wearing an undersized panty that morning to probably see if it would result to what she had read in the magazine! No wonder she barely said a word the previous day when she found myself and Mrs. Jumoke in bed. She wasn’t going to say anything since it was probably what she wished for herself! No wonder she refused to walk away just that instant since she was likely imagining she was the one I was fucking in such unforgivable rapidity! Who knows if she had gone into her bedroom to bring herself to Pour just like she had done earlier the previous day. After all, I found this erotically provocative magazine under her pillow! In fact, the way her meeting me Unclad in the bathroom the previous day, now marched with her hunger for big young dicks as indicated by the magazine, essentially explains her change of countenance towards me. She had become a lot friendlier now albeit being for just a few hours.

While I wasn’t even sure how my fucking her would come about, I was desperate to get the slimmest of opportunities as soon as possible! I was already swearing under my panting breathe that I was going to grab such opportunity, by both hands! Anyways, I had barely returned to the magazine when I suddenly heard my name!

I looked up from the magazine and just then heard it again. It was my aunt, and she was calling from the bathroom. I subsequently closed the magazine, pushing it back under the pillow, and then returned my very stiff Joystick into my shorts, with so much difficulty though! Even as I began heading towards the bathroom to answer the call, I clearly struggled to hide the boner which had gone on to form a very distinct tent in front of my shorts! It was so bad that it really did pull the light material of my boxer short some considerable distance away from my legs!

When I realized how stupid it would look holding my Joystick down while appearing before my aunt, I took the risk and let it be. The tent inevitably stood out conspicuously, as I appeared before her!