Mission To Rescue [A Story] – Part 16

The tent inevitably stood out conspicuously, as I appeared before her!
“Where is my towel?!” was her first comment as soon as she saw me

For a full 2 seconds or so, I didn’t even catch up with what she had said. I was rather taken aback by what was before my eyes! She had stepped out of the bathroom and was right in front of the bathroom door! Rather strangely, she was dripping wet from her hair to her toes! And she was wearing a white shirt which was essentially see-through and was only held together by both her hands! The shirt was equally wet, as though she had either soaked it in water, or used it to scrub herself!

As my eyes ran through her voluptuous body, I didn’t fail to observe that she wore absolutely nothing underneath thus making it quite easy to tell out both the actual positions of her Bosom, Tips and Kittycat as well as their exact shape and nature!
She was basically Unclad because the wet shirt could only serve as a mere second skin! It was after I had taken the time to drink up the ‘soft-X-trated’ before me that I could mumble out anything of meaning! My Joystick was already in another planet!

“Ehh….”, I stammered

“Where is my towel Daniel?…” she repeated. There was a mixture of feint seriousness and then casualness about her voice. I also didn’t fail to notice how her eyes barely left my Joystick which was persistently throbbing, stretching the front of my shorts to its fully elasticity!

“Your towel?…” I asked back, obviously lost in what was before my eyes! Her Tips had suddenly gone considerably longer and were poking through the shirt! If not for her hands which were the only thing holding the unbuttoned shirt together, the Tips would have slipped out!

“Yes my towels…were…were..are they?” she followed up, evidently fluttering in her own speech too as she watched my hand involuntarily rest on my Joystick, giving it a series of squeezes! I was just out of control!

“Your towel…Your towel is…”, I couldn’t just finish up a statement anymore! I was already drawn to her thighs which were brazenly exposed completely, given that the shirt only stopped just after her crotch area! They were so thick and fleshy and immensely seductive! The freshness of the many folds that made them up even as water trickled down their lengths, made them look undeniably tempting!

When aunty Edna saw that we were barely making any progress, she turned her back and began leading the way into the bathroom again. “I am asking for my towel which used to be…”. as soon as she turned, her enormous Buttocks came into full view! The length of the shirt meant it was almost completely in the open and it swayed as she made her way through the bathroom door!

With no explanation for what followed, I found myself quickly rushing forward, thus bumping quite heavily into her backside! My cloth covered Joystick unmistakably poked into her Buttocks cheeks and almost slid into her crack on contact! There was no way she hadn’t felt the impact of what had happened but quite curiously, she totally did feign oblivious, proceeding with her questions instead.

“…my towel that used to be here.” she continued, raising a hand to point to the wire that had been fastened across the bathroom for hanging our towels. In other to give me room, she had to go on into the bath tub.
In other to give me room, she had to go on into the bath tub.

“The towel?…Your towel?…” I still asked her again, as my eyes unfailingly caught her exposed bum and a little of her Kittycat as she raised her legs to get into the bath tub! My Joystick had become so erect now that it basically flapped and leaped about at every of my movement!

In fact, as aunt Edna openly starred at it, I had no doubt she could now see into my boxer shorts as the hard Joystick had succeeded in ridiculously pulling the short’s band away from my waste!

“Yes Daniel…Yes…my…my towel…” she followed. She was clearly breathing a lot heavier now

“It’s in my…my bedroom…ma” I finally said, bringing up my eyes to her face for the first time since that day! As soon as our eyes met, she quickly looked away!

She sighed and took a deep breath. Then a brief inexplicable silence followed. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next as we both stood across ourselves. I was still ogling her body, while she kept her gaze at the bathroom door. Then she suddenly started talking again.

“You made me dry myself with my cloth instead Daniel…!!” there was an evident unsuccessful struggle to sound as angry as possible. She oddly spoke quite loudly which evidently didn’t match her tone!
I kept looking on, without saying anything.

“What were you doing with my towel?…” she suddenly added, bringing her eyes to meet mine but suddenly moving them away again. This question instantly gave me a clue of where she was likely going as I had no doubt she had seen her towel in bed with myself and Jumoke the previous day.

“Eh….”, I began aimlessly, in an attempt not remain silent

“What…did….you use my….my towel for” she cut in again, releasing one of her hands in a bid to gesticulate. But just as she did, her right boob and Tip, slipped out! My hand was back on my Joystick and I shamelessly pulled and squeezed it without mercy!

“I…I…” I stammered as my face contoured into lustful frown! My eyes couldn’t just leave the heaving mass of exposed wet flesh on her chest!