Mission To Rescue [A Story] – Part 17

“What…Daniel…What did…what….” she subsequently joined me in my stammer, partly stepping out of the tub and clattering her way towards me! Given that her eyes were fixed on my Joystick which I had unknowingly partially uncovered, she inevitably tripped and subsequently crashed into me, rather safely!

For a decent amount of time none of us moved! Her Unclad wet Bosom had squashed into my Unclad chest, with her Tips tautly poking into my skin and my Joystick cleverly nestled into the thickness of both her moist thighs! She was breathing very hard and I did feel her Bosom heave as they remained crushed into me! Ideally, she was meant to be the person to withdraw herself from the accidental embrace, but she curiously remained motionless!

After a few seconds, it did occur to me that this was the opportunity I had earlier talked about so I gradually began turning my head towards her and with little warning, went ahead to give her a peck in the neck. When I didn’t get any reaction from her, I gave her another, and then another, until I began to abundantly cover her neck and jaw in kisses. Her eyes were tightly shut as she subsequently yielded to my touch, releasing herself and even allowing me to flip her to her back.

As soon as I got her to rest on the bathroom wall with her back side, I descended on her Bosom, taking my time to give both of them a good suck!

I sucked and chewed both Tips, alternating them as she unexpectedly raised one of her hands to the back of my head, rubbing my hair as I sucked her dry! She was already moaning lightly but her eyes were still shut. However, the ease with which her other hand found my flying hard Joystick was quite a classic in its own. She grabbed the boner and gently stroked it as I began removing her cloths!

Her puffy meaty muff was soon in the open and the urge to go for it with my mouth instantly overwhelmed me! So bringing her to the middle of the bathroom and getting her to raise one leg onto the bath tub, I brought my tongue to her Kittycat, giving it a deep suckling on first contact! She groaned loudly, sighed and then dropped her head back! She was definitely being pleasured!

So bringing her to the middle of the bathroom and getting her to raise one leg onto the bath tub, I brought my tongue to her Kittycat, giving it a deep suckling on first contact!

It wasn’t long before her juices began flowing, gently trickling into my mouth as she released them! It tasted wonderfully nice and was kind of richer than that of Mrs. Jumoke. When I felt I wasn’t getting enough of it, I spread her vulva wider, and forced my soft wet tongue into her fanny! She shuddered, dropping her hanging convulsing leg that instant and clamping my head within her fleshy thighs! Her juices subsequently ran across my nose and lips as she remained standing with my head between her legs. When I tried raising her legs again so that I could resume what I had been doing, she refused me. An obviously indication that she couldn’t bear the sensation anymore! But she did release her legs, allowing me to pull out my head. Surprisingly, her eyes were still shut and her face was pleasantly contoured in a frown of lustful pleasure!

She repeatedly hissed and sighed as she turned to embrace me again! She kept rubbing my back and hard buttocks as my stiff Joystick glided against her left thigh! She appeared like she was still within some cage and was out rightly struggling to free herself. As I wasn’t sure what she could prefer next, I only just joined her by rubbing her own back equally but then, as soon as my fingers found her Kittycat, she opened up, spreading her thighs for me! She even began to hump and ride my fingers as I began fucking her fanny with them! She brought an arm across my neck to support herself as she aggressively rocked my hand real hard!

When it became quite a procession, she moved forward, bringing her mouth to mine for the first time ever! I instantly received them, engaging her in the most alluring of kisses! She sucked my lips and tongue so passionately even with her eyes still shut tightly!

I instantly received them, engaging her in the most alluring of kisses!

By the time she had pulled away from my mouth, she was openly moaning and breathing very heavily! I could feel she was nearing her first orgasm and I never wasted time to get prepared for it! I added another finger to the lot that were buried inside her drenched Kittycat and equally increased the tempo with which I was giving her pleasure!

When she hit the spot and began convulsing quite violently, she had to hold onto me to stop herself from failing over! Her body shook and shuddered as her fluids flooded my fingers! She fell into me in embrace again as soon as she was spent but it didn’t stop me from bringing my juice drenched hands to my mouth. I predictably lapped my fingers clean!

After what seemed like a few extra seconds, Aunty Edna moved. She brought both her hands to my chest and then began sliding herself down my body. Her eyes were still closed and it began looking unlikely, that I was going to see her open them again. I didn’t exactly guess what she was about to do until she got on her knees. Then she proceeded to pull off my boxers which were obviously doing little covering at that time.

My Joystick was already flying about and even slapped her in the chin a couple of times! she finally did pick up the engorged member and while kneeling in the bathroom floor, put the tool into her yearning mouth!