Mission To Rescue [A Story] – Part 20

What I wasn’t still sure about later that morning, was if Aunty Edna had begun that ‘famous’ bath with the intention of actually going out. She had said the previous day that she was going out to see dad so it was easy to think she was going to do same that very morning too.

From all I was perceiving, Dad and probably mum were soon going to be back. In fact, I wasn’t going to be surprised if it ended up happening that very day. I only became a bit confused when Aunty Edna began acting as though those were no longer her plans. Since after we F***ed in the bathroom, she had gone on into her bedroom and just like the previous day, locked herself up! And from my timing, it was already an hour plus and she was yet to reappear. While I wasn’t very pleased with how the whole thing was suddenly going, I couldn’t say I didn’t understand what the actual problems were.

I was quite aware that she was suffering from the guilt that was coming from the fact that she just F***ed her nephew – her brother’s son precisely! And given what most ‘societies’ thought about that, she was definitely feeling she had toed the ‘impure’ road.But coming to think of it, would she really say that she didn’t actually see it coming? While I graciously accept that fucking Aunty Edna had been one of my many recent fantasies, she would be very wrong to claim that she didn’t equally suddenly begin to feel it would be fucking pleasing if I F***ed her with my big Joystick!

She wouldn’t deny ever fantasizing about me! Or would she? Would she deny ever imagining how I would F**K her sloppy wet Kittycat with my big black Joystick, which she fortunately saw while I was bathing just a day before? She definitely wouldn’t. Or how else would anyone explain the adult magazines? Magazines she had called dirty and claimed she would burn. Magazines she later swore to tell mum about! Only for me to find one under her pillow. And not just that, with red definite strokes around passages from it, indicating by how much such passages turned her on!

Aunty had to just admit it! Aunty Edna had to just accept her fate! She was a s*x-pervert and ultimately a cougar! She was a slave to young boys with big dicks and nothing more! There was no point for her to continue to act strict, stern, hard-to-approach and even frigid to matters of s*x! There was no point for her to keep limiting herself with myths and thoughts ‘society’ called taboo!The Aunty Edna I had seen that very morning, was one who sincerely wished she could live on s*x and s*x from anybody and everywhere, as long as it was a well hung young male right behind it.

The way her mature gooey Kittycat often responded to my pounding stiff Joystick by releasing her juices like some tsunami, painted the entire picture perfectly!The way her mature gooey Kittycat often responded to my pounding stiff Joystick … painted the entire picture perfectly!If she really had anywhere to go to that morning as I suspected, then she had to definitely return to the bathroom for a fresh bath. If not for anything else, just to at least get my freshly deposited thick Pour, off her full Kittycat!If not for anything else, just to at least get my freshly deposited thick Pour, off her full Kittycat!

As for me, I had lectures to attend that very morning. I had purposely decided not to be in school the previous day but that wasn’t going to happen that particular morning as a rather tough lecturer was going to be handling myself and my course-mates a few hours from then. Even as I got into the bathtub to have a quick bath, I had already drawn out my plan for the day in my head and as it looked, it was likely that I wouldn’t be seeing my aunt again until I was back in the evening. I was only going to know if she actually did come out, after I must have returned from my classes.

Even as I headed to school, it was more of her thoughts that kept occupying my mind. Questions of what it was going to be from that point never failed popping up at every moment. It was either she would never stop feeling guilty and thus, keep avoiding situations that will bring us together or, she would get over that veil of guilt and make this new phase of our ‘knowing-each-other’ a lot more fun! While it may sound very wrong, I couldn’t wait to F**K her again!

I couldn’t wait to grab her Buttocks and sprawling Bosom in my hands! I couldn’t wait to bury my Joystick inside her Kittycat one more time! I just kept wishing she wouldn’t leave our home ever again! While I still desired my occasional union with Mrs. Jumoke, I would definitely not take away the spark of having access to a sweet mature Kittycat, a lot more frequently!

Lectures came thick and fast! It wasn’t exactly surprising as exams were already around the corner. My friends who were only seeing me after about two days, didn’t fail to poke fun at my sudden disappearance. They even insisted that they would follow me home to be reassured that it was a sick mum I was actually taking care of. Anyways, when it was actually time to go, they did mellow down, referring to shifting the visit to some other time. So fortunately for me, I returned home alone. But to be greeted by an empty house.


The front door was locked meaning that Aunty Edna eventually went out. I even met the white shirt she had worn that morning while we F***ed, hung in the bathroom after I had gone in, thus bringing back a surge of sexual urges as I took the shirt in my hand.

It was really very obvious I desired to F**K my aunt again and as I gradually settled at home, thoughts of how else I could evoke a situation that would lead to another sexual experience kept filing my head.