More Than An Home Lesson Job [A Story] – Part 4


2 weeks before the robbery day, janet had been
skipping class seriously. She had been frustrating my
effort and I knew if she continues this way, no doubt
that she will fail the next JAMB. So I thought of a plan.

Each time I am about to tell her to attend classes, I will
place my phone on a recorder. So I have been capturing
all her excuses and conversations. Even the periods that
she do threatened me, I do record the threats.

On the night of the robbery, I have sneaked in as usual, I
ate my dinner in sikirat’s room. We have had our
lessons. Just when we were bleeping in canine style, we
heard a knock on the gate. ”

Open the gate or else I will blow your head with gun”, a
voice said from outside. We were scared, my dick went
flat instantly.

What do we do now?, sikirat asked. I don’t know too, I

Immediately I remembered my neighbour friend at home. His name is sunkanmi. Sunkanmi is a police officer, he had joined the police force about 7 years ago, he was feared by people in our neighbourhood.

I placed a call to sunkanmi.

ME: hello sunkanmi, abeg there is trouble. Where you dey?

SUNKANMI: I dey work on night duty

ME: please we need your help at the white house

SUNKANMI: where is white house? And what is
happening there?.

ME: armed robber are here pls do something to help us.
**i described the location**

Sunkanmi: but wetin u dey do for there?

ME: I will explain later.
I hanged up. I and sikirat locked ourselves inside the bathroom in her room. The thieves had gained entrance into the compound, manipulated the entrance door and now in the living room. They searched every room including sikirat’s room. We didn’t make any sound, they went to the kitchen, ate the beefs in the pot before returning back to the living room. They were about going away with some money and properties when we heard another voice outside

“stop there, if you move
then you are dead”.

I was happy that sunkanmi had helped. All the robbers were arrested, I and sikirat came out of the room, dressed up and went outside to see what was going on. I couldn’t see sunkanmi among the cops. The police officer asked ”

who are the occupants of this house?”, the gateman pointed to sikirat as the person who lives in the main house as at this time. The police officer turned to me.

Oga, who are you?. I went dumb and couldn’t speak.

How do I explain my identity?. Its past 4am, the robbers
are now in the police van, the officer told I and sikirat to
follow them to station for statement writing.

****chaiiiii, my own don meet me today, wetin I go tell madam?, how do I get there at midnite?, what for?.

On reaching the station, I called sunkanmi and he gave me directions to where I will see him.

ME: sunky baba, you have to help me please.

SUnKANMI: what happened?, I was the one who
arranged the boys to rescue you after your call last night.

ME: I know, but I needed help.

SUnKANMI: what do you want me to do for you?,

ME: ********i explained all my movements, my secret lessons to him****

SunKANMI: so what?

ME: madam will be here soon. What will be my

SUNKANMI: leave that to me, In your statement, just write it that you were coming from a vigil when you noticed the robbery movements, you hide somewhere, minutes later, you called me.

You saw the gate opened by the robbers, you summon the courage to enter with the mindset to rescue the occupants of the house, then the police arrived. That’s all.

ME: sunky baba. Thanks so much ooooo. ****chaiiii, see police sense.

I went back to meet sikirat, whispered into her ears about what sunkanmi said. She was happy and relieved because she too was scared of what will happen if madam finds out. Sunkanmi also gave a script to sikirat to write. It was that day I believed that “POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND”.

We both write our statements as directed by sunkanmi.
At about 6:10am, madam and janet arrived.

MADAM: police officer, what happened?, I heard my house was robbed and my maid is here? ***i guess oga peter didn’t mention my name to madam. That good of him****

IPO: yes madam. It was this young man that alerted the
police “pointing at me”****he reads out my statement
to madam.

Sunkanmi also add sauce and juice to the story. Madam
was so exicited. See me at home tomorrow sunday at
3pm “madam said to me”.

Its 3pm on sunday, I dressed well and went straight to
the white house. I was welcomed warmly. Madam, janet
and gideon were sitting in the living room.

MADAM: onihaxy, I’m so happy about what you did, for
courage, boldness and the police you invited to save our
properties from been stolen.

ME: ******my head come dey swell***. You are
welcome ma.

MADAM: now, you are now more than a lesson teacher.
You are now part of our family. Feel free to come here
any time. You may sleep over whenever you feel like

ME: ****my head come swell again***** thank you

MADAM: sikira!!!!!!!!!!!!, show onihaxy his new room. He is
now part of us, whenever he feels like sleeping over, he
should be welcomed.

Janet looked at me, she smiled and winked. I followed
sikirat to see the room.

Now, no more sneaking, we are now closer. “Sikirat
I left the white house on that sunday evening, different
thoughts running through my mind. What is janet up
to?, why did she winked at me?, what if I was caught
with sikirat?, I thought of everything and decided to
maintain my usual lesson outing with to the white house.

Sikirat’s lesson at my home continued every market
days, I keep on enjoying food stuffs and beef courtesy
of sikirat, we still our friday night lesson/sex at the white

Something happened along the line. I came for lessons
as usual and met janet in the living room looking
depressed and sad. I tried talking to her but she won’t
say a word. I manipulated her by every means but she
won’t talk, I came closer to her, held her palm, she was
so cold, I looked into her eyes and it was soaked, Janet
must be going through something or something
happened to her I thought, yet she wouldn’t speak. Janet
stood up and went to her room. I didn’t know where the
boldness came from, I followed her.

She sat on her bed, bending down her head and
supporting it with her left hand, she was wearing her
usual bump short with a yellow top. I sat beside her.

Held her hand again trying to talk to her.

“Janet, you can talk to me”
I can’t say anything, she replied.

“Do you want me to start crying also?”
She lift up head looked at me and said,
Onihaxy, “I have been heart broken”.



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