Mourinho Considering Move Away From Chelsea, Wants Arsenal’s Job

The Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho may be considering a move away from Stamford Bridge following his team’s poor start to the season.

This follows reports that the 52-year-old surprisingly has his eyes glued to Arsene Wenger’s job.

Mourinho in a chat with newsmen welcomed the possibility of becoming Arsenal’s next manager.

When asked by Celebrity Arsenal fan Piers Morgan if he could become the Gunners’ next manager, Mourinho is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: “Let me put it like this: one day I will leave Chelsea and when I do I will continue living in London.

“There are a number of other opportunities for a manager in London – Fulham, QPR, West Ham, Spurs, the England national team… and Arsenal.”

After ruling out the possibility of taking over a team who aren’t in the Champions League, Mourinho is reported to have continued: “We are left with two options, yes? Arsenal and the England national team.”

Over the years, as the relationship between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho soured, it has become clear that the pair cannot stand to be in the same room.

In October 2014 they almost came to blows on the touchline when Wenger shoved Mourinho during a feisty match at Stamford Bridge.

The most recent of their feisty relationship came during the Gunners’ Community Shield win last month as they both snubbed each other after the game.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has been able to pick up just 4 points after 5 games and this doesn’t look good for Coach Jose Mourinho.