Mr & Mrs Buhari And Mr & Mrs Osinbajo Cover Today’s Thisday Style

Barely hours after she settled in as the first lady of the country, Aisha Buhari got critics on her tail. First, it was the closure of her beauty salons in Kaduna, then a luxury wrist watch spotted on her wrist at the inaugural ceremony of her husband, and also visible in her official portrait. As expected, there were supporters and opposers as everyone wanted to know if the item of luxury is a gift or a prized possession..

According to a reliable source who talked with ThisDay, it is likely that the wrist watch is a gift from one of her female friends who has been hanging out lately with the first lady. It is believed that this
special friend of Aisha is seeking favour from the president for her husband who is eager to be on the president good books, and perhaps find high favour to walk in the highest realm of power in his administration.

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