MTN Increases Recharge Pin Codes From 12 To 16 Digits

Some days back I called on someone to get me a recharge voucher as QuickTeller failed to top up my device even after deducting my cash.
However I needed to renew one of my subscription service, so i had to buzz someone to get me a physical card.
She sent me the code via an SMS and to my surprise it was a 16digits code.
I was confused and concluded this is some Airtel card mistaken for MTN. (Since Airtel has 16digits pin)
So I called her up and told her she sent me a wrong card, but she insisted it was an MTN card.
I proceeded in topping up my device with it, but didn’t go through, perhaps the doubt made me miss a digit or 2 while typing.
So I called her up again and told her it wasn’t going through and I needed another card, “this time a 12 digits please”
But to my surprise I got a transfer of the said amount not quite long from her. She told me she loaded the card and transferred to me.
A little bit skeptical at the time and never bothered, until I saw a post from MTN:

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