MUST READ: 10 Reasons To Vote Ambode As Lagos Governor

The Ambode Campaign team has drawn out 10 strong reasons why Lagosians should vote Akinwunmi Ambode as the next governor of Lagos come Saturday, April 11th, 2015.

Below are the 10 listed reasons:

ECONOMY & JOBS – Through access to finance of N1 billion annually across the five divisions in the State, our youths and unemployed will have access to adequate finance for entrepreneurial ventures
SECURITY – We will continue with the city lighting project by expanding the Independent Power Project (IPP) to enhance the security of lives and property across the State
EDUCATION – We will provide free education up until senior secondary school level to ensure that no child is denied their right to education, and endeavour to provide one free meal per day for students to guarantee them a healthy learning environment
HOUSING – We will provide affordable housing by collaborating through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to increase the availability of affordable homes
MEDICAL CARE – We will introduce free medical care for our children below age six, pregnant women and senior citizens aged 65+
AGRICULTURE – We will provide funding for agricultural industrialisation programmes, to encourage local food production, which will in turn provide employment for our bulging youth population
TRANSPORTATION – We will pursue a fully integrated transport management system that takes into consideration roads, rail, water and walkways as means of mobility for ease of movement of residents in the city centres and the suburbs
INFRASTRUCTURE – We will ensure the provision of good and well paved roads across the State, and ensure that all public institutions and facilities are of the highest standards and quality
TOURISM, CULTURE & SPORTS – We will increase the avenues to showcase our distinct and diverse Lagos culture and traditions through the establishment of museums and heritage centres. We will create community based sport centres to encourage our youth development
ENTERTAINMENT AND ARTS – We will partner with the entertainment industry to develop sustainable structures and frameworks to support interested and talented youth

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