MUST READ: 12 Sweet Ways To Lure Her Into Sex

Whether you have been together for a while, or you just need tips to get your new woman in the mood for love, 234Forum has got your back. Here are 12 ways to turn her on and make her hot for you.

1. Make Her Feel Sexy: A woman who feels like the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world is one that would find it so much easier to get intimate with you. Confidence is key when it comes to feeling sexual and if you can tap into this need by offering genuine compliments and reminding her how beautiful you find her, then you won’t have a problem getting her in bed.

2. Be A Gentleman: When it comes to getting her hot for you, it is important for you to show her you are a gentleman. Nothing is more of a turn-off than a man who gets aggressive or relentless when a woman says she is not in the mood.

If she sees that you respect her even when you are not getting what you want, it would encourage her to want to make it up to you some other time, when she wants it.

3. Touch Her: Touching is one simple, yet effective way to get a woman attuned to you, physically. Make sure she never goes too long without feeling your touch. Hug her, give her a massage, rub her skin, basically, just make sure you have bodily contact with her during the course of the day, and by night-time, she is already tingly for more.

4. Shower Her With Gifts: Women are known for their love of surprises and presents. Surprise her with something you know she will love, and also something that shows you think about her when you are not together. A meaningful gift can go a long way to make her want you.

5. Kiss Her: Never underestimate the effect of an amazing kiss. Here is how to do it right; come at her at a time she least expects it. While she still has that surprised look on her face, plant another one on her, soft and gently at first until you feel her start to respond.

Then put in as much passion and kiss into the need. You will easily feel her start to get into it and her body starts to request for more. This is one way to ignite her fire and show how much you really want her.

6. More Foreplay: There are no such thing as too much foreplay when it comes to women. If you can tease and tantalize her until she is literally begging for your body, then you know you have done your job.

7. Watch Something Sensual: Or read something. This all depends on you both and the kinds of things you like. Make sure it is something she feels comfortable with. Talk about what you are reading/watching and who knows, you might find out new things she loves sexually.

8. Open Up To Her: Women are emotional beings and they would be most likely to get in bed with you if they feel an emotional connection with you. One way you can create this bond is to open up to her. Talk about your  ambitions, your fears, your past, etc. Let her feel like she is the only one you want to confide in.

9. Listen To Her: Just like talking to her, listening to her also creates an emotional bond that could work for you. Let her open up to you. Listen intently and ask questions. Give her advice when you can and make her feel heard. This could easily make her want to bond with you in more ways than one.

10. Get Creative: If you have been together a while, or if you know she has had quite a few sexual experiences in her past, then it is time to get creative. Come up with surprising new ways to make her swoon. Try new sexual acts and do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

11. Get Suggestive: Another way to get her in the mood for sex is to make sure sex is always on her mind. How do you do this? Send her suggestive messages in the course of the day.

Input a few innuendos in your conversations and fill her head with a few suggestive details. The result is a sexually charged and ready partner at the end of the day.

12. Spoil Her: If you want a woman who cannot wait to get in bed with you, then you should not hesitate to spoil her from time to time. Pick an evening and let her know it is all about her.

Give her massages, run her a bath, hold her, cuddle with her, make her take a break from chores, leave the kids with your parents or babysitter for the evening, basically just make her feel cherished and relaxed.

Let her feel all her stress melt away and you would find it so much easier to spike her desire.

Women are very soft as well as emotional but most men always take the rush and this is one sure factor that had limited men in deriving their sexual desires.

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