MUST READ: 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Pray In The Morning

I have noticed that 80% of people don’t pray when they wake up in the morning because of one reason or the other. So i decided to write about it.

You may see someone roaming around internet till 1.00am just chatting. When the person later went to bed, waking up in the morning to pray will be problem even if the person wake up, he/she will not remember that they is something like prayer. This because they don’t know the reason why they should pray in the morning before doing anything.
Remember that Prayer is the Key to open success.

So, here are 5 reasons why you should always pray.

1. To Thank Him For Keeping You Alive.
I think this is the first reason because is not all the people that slept last night make it the next morning. I have heard about many unending stories about people dying without even any atom of sickness. Make it a point atleast to thank Him.

2. For Protecting You and giving you health.
Many people have been attack in their dream, many have been initiated into occult world in their dream. You don’t know the people that is having meeting because of you in their kingdom. Many people wake up with different types of sickness. But God protected you from all.

3. For Him To Protect You From Any Hidden Danger During The Day. (Psalm91:3-4)
Yes, He already promise to keep us safe during the day. But we need to remind Him that through prayer. Am sure you have been hearing of many fatal accidents happen this days and till some people survive it. Nobody know what will happen during the day, So always make it a point to pray for protection.

4. For Him To Provide For You During The Day
Here is another point for you to pray in the morning. As we always pray “Give us this day our daily bread”. Is good for you to say this prayer every morning to keep it as a reminder for Him. I know that you are aware that they are some people out there that can’t even afford #5 for pure water. But you are here enjoying.

5. For His Goodness, Protection Upon Your Family and friends.
Here is the final Point for now because there are still many other reasons.
Praying for your family and friends in the morning have an important rule to play in their life during the day because we don’t know what would have happen to them if not your prayer.

==Pray without ceasing.
==Prayer is the key to unlock heavens gate
==Pray and watch so that you will not fall into temptation.

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