“My Husband Denies Me Sex, Now I Am Lusting After His Cousin”

Please I just need your advice or advices which ever of them. I met my husband in 2013 things were going on well and sweet. We normally make love almost every minute of the day so much dat I got used to it. When we got married and I got pregnant my husband became so cold towards sex I thought maybe he was scared of my pregnancy. Some times i’ll have to beg him to make love to me. After much begging he’ll reluctantly do it. I gave birth and I thought things would change but it’s all the same. I keep begging and begging embarassed I have just decided to be myself and take my mind of it. The only person I talk to is his cousin and have become so close to him that am beginning to lust after him he is married tho but he lives close to us. Just this evening I nearly kissed him and I felt so embarrassed. Please guys help me it’s Getting out of hand. What do I do? sad sad Please no bashing we all are humans and we do silly things atimes.

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