“My Pastor Asked Me To Suck Him” 5 Weirdest Confessions From Members

he rate at which religion tends to find its way into virtually all
that we do, has become very alarming. However, the issue is
not with the various religions, but with those who believe and
follow these diverse believes.

It is no news that everyone is free to practice whichever
religion suits him or her, but it is sad to note that that freedom
has been abused and to a great extent has become man’s

People (especially Africans), tend to always throw away
rationality in their dealings with religion and issues regarding
belief. Some go as far as terming their irrational as “faith”. For
instance, one is sick but because his/her religious leader has
spoken on exercising faith by not using medications, he/she
follows the rule dogmatically and the end result is not

The great German philosopher, Immanuel Kant noted that “The
autonomous man, insofar as he is autonomous, is not subject
to the will of another. He may do what another tells him, but
not because he has been told to do it. He is therefore, in the
political sense of the word, free.”

It is in trying to address this issue of freedom and rationality
that this article has been written. For this piece, Christianity
will be the focus and the major reason is because Christianity
is the most populated in the world. Bringing it back home to
Africa, and narrowing it down to Nigeria, statistics show that
Nigeria has the largest Christian population of any country in
Africa, with more than 85 million persons belonging to various

Some major examples of rather controversial Christian
practices will be presented, as to help draw the line between
religion and rationality. For all the examples that will be
highlighted below, the basic rule or yardstick of judgement will
be if the practice or act by these preachers, pastors or
prophets follow and biblical principle.

It is only rational that if one says he/she is a Christian, then
the bible is the perfect book by which his/her actions would be
measured. One would find out that most of the examples do
not borrow from the bible, nor follow any rational principle.
Hence the question, “why are many people still deceived?”

1. Pastor makes members eat grass

A certain Pastor Lesego Daniel who is the founder and Head
Pastor at Rabboni Centre Ministries, said that he was basically
trying to prove that humans can be controlled by “the spirit”
and they can eat anything to feed their bodies.
This clearly is a case of debasing humans to the level of
ruminants. And of course some will defend the act by saying
there was a time when a certain king was made to live among
lower animals for about 7-years.

A pastor made his congregation eat grass to prove the potency
of the holy spirit

Then the question becomes how does it relate? In the bible
story, the act was a punishment, but here was a full
congregation being used for a so called “spirit experiment”.
It is still a mystery how the South African pastor got to
convince adult members of his church to resort to eating grass
2. Holy ghost foot mats

The same Pastor Daniel made headlines again when in a bid to
deliver members of his congregation, he used them as “holy
ghost foot mats”

Pastor walking on his members during deliverance service

The pastor in question was practically walking on his members
and one would be forced to ask, where in the bible was such a
miracle module presented?

3. Drink petrol-pineapple juice

The thought behind this action is rather simple, Jesus is said
to have turned water into wine, hence this same man of God
thought it wise to turn petrol into pineapple juice .
A viral video showed the clergyman praying for a bottle which
according to him contained petrol, to be turned to pineapple

He then offered it to his congregants to drink. Some of them
were exclaiming how ‘sweet’ and ‘nice’ it tastes, some said it
tasted like the blood while some others begged for more. The

4. Human-donkeys and fake messiahs

Controversial Prophet Penuel , was not satisfied with having fed
his followers live snake, asking them to take off their
underwear and eat them ; the man of God called one of his
members simply identified as ‘Thabiso’, he commanded him
“by the power of God” to turn into a horse and according to the
church’s Facebook update, indeed it happened.

The man of God was said to have ridden on the horse, a
perfect replica of Christ’s triumphant entry. And again if you
righteous mind has not been totally lost, you what to question
the rationale behind this miracle. Why continue to debase
ourselves all in the name of religion.

Only recently, a church was discovered in Tanzania where the
pastor’s feet must not touch the ground until he finishes his
. According to a Facebook user who posted it online, the able-
bodied brothers in the church have to carry him on their back
one after the other until the end of the service.

astor whose legs does not touch the floor until his sermon is

5. Holy milk and pastors that ask to be sucked

I will give you the holy spirit through expulsion was the claim
of Valdeci Sobrino Picanto, a Brazilian evangelical pastor. He
was arrested for deceiving his congregation.

Valdeci was arrested after deceiving the faithfuls using the
name of the “Holy Spirit”. He said his joystick was blessed and
that “the Lord had consecrated him with divine milk of the
”Holy Spirit” and, of course, he had to release it in order to



One of the victim said: “he has convinced us that only God
could come into our lives through our mouth and that’s why he
would do what he did”. Often, after worship, pastor Valdeci
would take us to where the funds were kept at the back of the
Church and asked us to have MouthAction with him until the Holy
Spirit would come through expulsion.”

Again one is forced to ask, how does one get to be a victim of
such scam? The act does not follow the bible principles,
neither is it rational. Perhaps, since Mary was conceived of the
holy spirit and gave bath to Jesus, then Valdeci saw an
opportunity and many fell for the sham.

The Christian holy book warns that in the “end time” there will
be so many fake pastors, preachers and prophets. Many of
them will come well prepared to deceive, however, if Christians
can just be rational a bit and think twice before leaping-in-
faith, then perhaps certain issues will not rear-their-ugly

Experts have said timelessly that religion is not the problem,
but the people who practice these religions are. If Christians
can do more of operating according to what the bible says in
conjunction with what is rational, then they won’t be swayed
by just any wind of doctrine that blows by.