Nigerian Army Nab Boko Haram ’s Major Drugs Suppliers

The Nigerian Army said its troops have arrested some kingpins and foot soldiers who supplies the Boko Haram terrorists with hard drugs.

A statement released by army spokesperson, Sani Usman, on Tuesday said the suppliers were arrested by troops of 3 Division, after directives by army headquarters to troops  in the North East for a thorough search of motorists and cargoes.

According to the troops, it “has intercepted and arrested some kingpins and foot soldiers of suppliers of Boko Haram terrorists with hard drugs and other stimulants between Depchi and Geidam, Geidam Local Government Area in northern part of Yobe State”.

The arrested persons, according to Mr. Usman were also  engaged in the supply of fuel in addition to hard drugs such as Cannabis (Indian Hemp), Chlorofone substance (AKA  Madaran suck and die) and Tramol, amongst others.

Mr. Usman added, “You will recall that sometimes ago we reported that ironically most of the Boko Haram terrorists captured by Nigerian military cannot read the Holy Qur’an, some of them cannot even recite the first chapter- Suratuh Al-Fatiha and yet they claimed they wanted to establish an ‘Islamic State’.

“When the Nigerian military captured their bases and training camps, they never found Qur’an or other Islamic books, what were mostly found were ammunition, local charms, condoms and all sorts of drugs, including sex enhancing ones in their enclaves.

“The arrest of these drug suppliers has reinforced that fact, more so as they have been making very useful statements.

“The Nigerian Army would continue to do its best in the fight against terrorism and insurgency in our country in order to make Nigeria safe and secure.

“This however, requires continuous support and cooperation of the public. We always welcome and appreciate information that could lead to the arrest and pre-empting of Boko Haram terrorists and other criminal elements in the society.”

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Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army had earlier said it had uncovered plans to thwart its efforts in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency.