Nigerian Dies In Malaysia After Selling His Kidney For N6million

In a bid to cash in real money quickly, a certain 28-year-old Nigerian, simply identified as Chukwudi, has lost his life in Malaysia.

Artificial Kidney

Artificial Kidney

Quite a lot of young Nigerians abroad, especially Malaysia, are in the business of donating one of their kidneys to patients who needs a transplant. This business of kidney selling can fetch the donor as high as N6m at once. However, a lot of these donors do not get so lucky compared to others. Like Chukwudi, they die in a bizarre way all in the quest for fast money.

According to a Nigerian business man based in that Middle East country, Chuwkwudi is not alone in this risky and dangerous business of selling internal organs for money as many young Nigerians undertake this venture just to get rich quick. Read below what he told Pulseng:

“I know many Nigerians will say it is none of my business how others make their money but I want to bring this to the notice of our country people how many of our young men die here in Malaysia in very disturbing circumstances. I can tell of this young Igbo boy named Chukwudi, from Owerri, (Imo State) who was paid the sum of N6 million by one rich man to donate his kidney for a transplant.

The young man was brought in from Nigeria and I had the privilege of interacting with him and tried to dissuade from undertaking such a risky venture but he was adamant, telling me he had made up his mind already and nothing could stop him. I even offered he join me in my little car washing business from which I have been able to build a house back home but Chukwudi did not want to struggle to make money.

He wanted fast money and he ended up a dead man because the operation was not successful. He died in the process while the rich man had a successful kidney transplant.

I felt so bad because I kind of liked the boy who was graduate and had a lot of life ahead of him. I want to use this opportunity to warn our young people not to always be in a hurry to make fast money.”