Hajj Stampede: “he Stoned Them Back To Death” – Nigerian Transgender Blames God

Nigerian born transgender, Stephanie Rose, has once again called out to ‘God’ as being behind the death of hundreds of pilgrims in the recent Mina, Saudi Arabia stampede when Muslim pilgrims gathered to carry out Islamic ritual of stoning the Devil.

Stephanie Rose

It will be recalled that Rose, born Dapo Adaralegbe has before now, put out all sorts of comments to buttress her real hatred for God.

In her recent Facebook posts, the transgender alleged that God is actually the Devil that the pilgrims went to stone in the Holy land and He ended up killing them.

She wrote: “The same God is the devil that they had gone to stone in Mecca. What else can you expect from the blood thirsty Abrahamic God that delights in killing and destruction? He stoned them back with death…. They did not go to heaven or Hell fire, their souls are reincarnated after many years.

“Yes … The Abrahamic God is the God and devil of this wicked World! I know the Abrahamic God so well … He has plotted many evils against me from inception instigating violence, instigating rejection, instigating humiliation, instigating hostilities amongst many other evil plots.

“The Abrahamic God instigated grave violence and bloodshed against me (to destroy me ) as he had instigated violence and bloodshed on Sodom and Gomorrah.

“The Abrahamic God is very wicked and callous,” Rose wrote.