Obasanjo Backs Buhari’s Order On Boko Haram

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has praised current President Muhammadu Buhari for his recent ultimatum to the service chiefs to end the Boko Haram insurgency by November.


Obasanjo was speaking to officials of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) who visited him at his hilltop residence.

Obasanjo said that Buhari’s ultimatum was what the nation needed and it comes at the right time.

He said: “Buhari took the right decision by telling the military to end the Boko Haram insurgency by November.
“It is not good to just leave everything open-ended; it is a strategy in the military to set target for any operation.

“This will enable those concerned to work hard.  “Having a target is necessary. Even if that target is not met, the people concerned will have something to work with,” he said.

Obasanjo said that he supported Buhari’s administration and said that “no system of government can be compared with democracy”.

“I will work for the success of this current dispensation because there is no alternative to democracy,” he said.

Obasanjo then said that soon enough the nation will become to witness the fruits of democracy through this administration.

“Nigeria in the last two and half months under the current dispensation has started witnessing positive changes.
“We thank God that we have such a leader that is helping us to translate our dreams to reality.
“We must give unalloyed support to him,” he said.

The student body leaders visit to Obasanjo was to thank him for his continuous acts which has influenced the nation.