Obasanjo Reveals What World Leaders Think Of Buhari

Following Nigeria’s latest appearance at the United Nations General Assembly, ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo has revealed what some world leaders think of the current Nigeria’s head of state, Muhammadu Buhari.


Obasanjo divulged the notions of the global leaders at an interview with reporters at his Abeokuta home on Thursday, October 1.

The ex-president said that feedback from the world leaders and statesmen during the recent UN summit proved that beyond having a good outing, President Buhari also helped to place Nigeria at a strategic position on the map for global politics.

He said: “I heard some of the comments of those he (Buhari) met; the comment that probably will not come back to him. He met Clinton for almost one hour and (ex) President Clinton, when I joined him for his global initiative, talked to me about the impression of our president, it was favourable.

“Gordon Brown and I met him and we talked about issues. The few other leaders who met him gave me their impression and his debut so to say, it has been good. I think we are at the table, what they use to say that Nigeria is not at the table, now we are present at the table.”

Meanwhile, the former commander-in-chief has said on the Independence Day that at 55, Nigeria is not doing badly.

The statement was made in line with the Nigeria at 55th anniversary celebration.

Obasanjo said that 55 years in the life of a nation mean it is comparatively young, adding that looking through the history of most settled societies or established countries, Nigerians will realise that the country is not doing too badly.

He noted that Nigeria was now well positioned for recognition and active participation in global politics under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

However, he stressed that youth unemployment, education, security, justice, and the economy, among others, are the areas in which the country must pay keen attention. According to the former president, corruption must not be given a chance to destroy everything noble about Nigeria. He advised that the menace must be ousted at all cost.