Oshiomhole Can Never Appoint The Oba Of Benin – Edo Youths Scream Out!

Even as some websites and blogs are publishing what many Edo Youths calls an Insult to the Royal Throne, the man in charge of Social Media for the Edo State government Mr Victor Oshioke, released a press statement stating that the Edo State government has approved the appointment of the Crown Prince of Benin, as the Oba of Benin.

This resulted in a Hot debate and exchange on Social Media as many Vibrant Edo Youths would not have it, regardless of whether Mr Oshioke quotes a section of the law in his Press release or not. What many youths are saying is “Do not Insult our Royal Throne with that Jagon” No matter what your take on this issue is, one thing you must admire about the Edos including the Youths, is their deep Love and Respect for their traditional rulers of which the most revered and respected Oba of benin is the Highest.

A true first class Oba in every sense of the word. Below are snap shots of this unfolding story. Please share and add your voice to it