“Our Government Have Found Nothing Incriminating”, Buhari Reportedly Declares Jonathan ‘Corruption Free’


The Muhammadu Buhari’s government’s war against Corruption has taken a new dimension, as their major target, former President Goodluck Jonathan have been declared Corruption free.

This information was posted by a Facebook User who goes by the name, Emeka Nnaoma on Radio Biafra London Facebook Group.

The Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomhole, who in the last two months the Buhari’s government mouthpiece on Economy and Corruption related issues, reportedly announced the information in Abuja.

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According to Oshiomhole, “our government have found nothing Incriminating against Jonathan, but he must take responsibility for others in his government as the leader”

The acting Finance Minister announced on their arrival in Washington DC, that the US will help them to recover $150billion they think was stolen in the last 16years. On their return, the government announced that they will only probe the 5 years government of Goodluck Jonathan.

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In a related development, Nigerians are calling on Buhari to start the much talked probe without further wasting of time, especially now his wife is listed by the US state department in Money Laundering case of Halliburton which the recipient, Mr Jefferson is now in Jail.

Buhari is afraid of sending his wife to prison and have dropped the Halliburton case where former President Obasanjo and Atiku Abubakar both heavily funded his Election, were implicated in multi-million Dollar Bribery case.

Source: Radio Biafra London

Buhari Declares Jonathan Corruption Free

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