Youth Strip Popular ‘Powerful’ Pastor Unclad In Imo

A pastor and juju priest were recently stripped naked in Orlu, Imo state over the weekend.

According to report, it was a scene to behold when an unidentified pastor in Orlu who is the founder of Holiness of Heaven Ministries, was paraded naked, alongside his accomplice, an alleged traditional priest.

The pastor who’s said to be ‘very powerful’ with numerous miracles attached to his name, met his waterloo after marrying a new wife.

The new wife was said to have allegedly cried out after noticing that her new husband has some sort of association with a very dangerous native doctor within the community. This led to the village youths raiding the pastor’s church and house. Lots of fetish items were discovered.

This consequently led to the burning down of the church and the shrine of the juju priest before the alleged ritualists were paraded around town naked.

You can see the naked photo here.

Just recently, a man of God in Kenya, Pastor Paul Sanyangore, caused a stir. The pastor got several tongues wagging and eyes popping when he decided to bless his church members with condoms, which he called ‘holy condoms’ during a church service.