Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War: I’m A Layman In Politics, But… – Kumuyi

Pastor Williams Kumuyi has commended President Muhammadu Buhari over the fight his administration has launched against corruption in the country.

The general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry characterized Buhari’s move as a step in the right direction when he spoke with journalists in Abia state on Sunday, October 25, Vanguard reports. The cleric also called for the support of the Nigerian leader noting that with the backing of the citizens, the funds embezzlement would soon be eliminated.


“I am a layman when it comes to politics. But from what we can see, I believe that the president is in the right direction and if we support him with our comments and in other ways, I believe that we will see corruption brought down very quickly.”

Regarding the role of the church in the anti-graft war, Kumuyi said:

“When we say the church, we are not just talking about buildings; we are talking of people who come to church and also go to offices. For the church to support the fight against corruption, preachers must teach our people to learn how to contribute positively to the progress of the country wherever they are. If you are a governor, commissioner, teacher, minister and among others; do your best for the country. Don’t think of what you can get out of the place that you are working, but how they can contribute to the place in order to support the efforts of the government.”

Addressing the politicians, he recommended them to follow their promises and remember they are servants of the Nigerians who elected them.

In a recent development some Nigerian clerics announced their plan to hold a national prayer for President Buhari and the incoming ministers. The prayer would aim at seeking God’s favour for the acting administration and its fight against corruption and security challenges.