Patrick Obahiagbon Reacts To Buhari’s Delay In Appointing Ministers

Whilst appreciating the tenterhooks of political ventriloquists,carpetbaggers,economic chichidodos and a vaudeville of pundits as to what they perceive as the phlegmatic predilection of President Buhari in the constitution of his cabinet,i would rather deposit in their objurgatory piazza the Chinese apophthegm which urges,that sofily sofily catchee monkey.

President Buhari must not be bludgeoned into precipitate,frenetic,fatuous and kamikazeic gambits that is obliviscence of the twelve years of political anomie and economic marshmallow occasioned by economic vampires and political pachucos. Am sanguine that a little more patience from Nigerians will prove that in Buhari they have found both a political palladium and an economic palisade…..

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