PDP Blasts Buhari: “You Are Like Hitler, Tyrants Cover Up With Fighting Corruption”


The opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has in series of tweets claimed that Nigerian government is not only adopting the method of Adolf Hitler, but also its leader has become a tyrant. This is coming just as the party claimed that the Federal Government is crushing the opposition, Labour Unions, Civil Societies and the Press. Continue reading…

Those who support the crushing of the opposition, Labour Unions and intimidation of the press will one day need these institutions. All tyrants will always say they are fighting corruption or in justice in the system in order to enthrone their tyranny.
“I am not a tyrant”. -Adolf Hitler. No tyrant will ever accept that he is a tyrant. Hitler did it, we are seeing a repetition in Nigeria. There is a deliberate attempt to crush all forms of opposition to this government.

Those who support the harassment & intimidation of the judiciary by this tyrant will one day need the judiciary to save them from the tyrant. Those who support the intimidation and harassment of the National Assembly by the tyrant will one day need that institution to save them.

The tyrant sanctioned killings of unarmed protesters, you hailed him. He gets emboldened by disobeying Court Orders. Then he begins to crush the opposition, you hailed him. Now, he is crushing Labour Unions, Civil Society Groups & intimidating the press. Next, he will come for you and there will be no one to save you