PHOTOS: Boobs For “Sale” At MAMA Awards

Daring young ladies flaunted their boobs and wore provocative dresses to MAMAs , as if it’s an accepted way of life in South Africa.

Walking the red carpet with their boobs threatening to jump out of their braless cocktail dresses, the ladies who are in their early twenties  tantalized whoever cares to catch a glimpse of their Unclothedness.
As though it is their trademark, virtually, all the ladies that graced the event were either half Unclad or completely Unclad. One of them, who posed Coverless on the red carpet ended up exposing her Tips in the process.

Dressed in transparent white grown, the lady flaunted her boobs and thighs indiscriminately. Call it a way of life in the rainbow country, and you may not be wrong. But it’s just one of the side attractions at this year’s MAMA. The competition is about how much flesh your attire can reveal, as well as how many heads it can turn.

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