PHOTOS: Car That Can Be Used On Land, Air And Sea Created By LASU Graduate

An unusual rocket on wheels was seen by the residents of Ikoyi, Lago state, on August 20.

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Unusual Vehicle

According to several reports, a car that looks like a rocket was created by a LASU and Lagos Electronics and computer engineering school graduate from Bariga, Durojaiye Kehinde Obasanjo. And no, he is not a relative to the former Nigerian president…

An unusual rocket-like car spotted in Lagos

Obasanjo claims the vehicle, named Amphibian Jet, can be used on land, air and sea. However, he has only tested it on land –driving from Lagos to Ibandan – and water. Approximately two thirds of the car’s  spare parts are made of the materials that were obtained locally, including aluminum, plastic and wood.

It can be used on land, air and sea.

It can be used on land, air and sea

It is noteworthy that it can be powered by both solar and petrol. Using solar energy, it travels 40km/hr, while using petrol, it travels 120km/hr on land and 140km/hr on sea. One more unusual eco-friendly automobile was recently presented by a group of students from the University of Lagos.